"Kiethley" 35080B kVp divider

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"Kiethley" 35080B kVp divider

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My latest, semi-accidental (left a maiden bid and it won) acquisition, a Keithley 35080B kVp divider.

What the eff is a Keithley 35080B kVp divider, I hear you ask? Well, since you ask, here's what the manual has to say:

"The Model 35080B kVp Divider is an alternative to high-voltage divider tanks. It provides a safe, noninvasive, fast measurement of kVp without endangering personnel and/or equipment. Its use is primarily intended for x-ray machine service and calibration."

Given x-rays are in the peta- and exa-hertz range, I feel confident in saying this is the highest operating frequency TE most of us have ever seen...

From the outside it's fairly unremarkable, the only real things of note are the sensor contacts, which look like gold, square, pushbuttons:


Those are 4mm banana jacks above the sensor contacts.

Backside view, sans cover:


A close up on those TO-18 packages. Weird heatsink, huh? Oh, and by the way, those aren't transistors. They are all SCRs, 2N2930 Sorry, tired eyes, they are 2N930 BJTs... I guess those transparent beads on the capacitor legs are to prevent movement?


And finally inside the sensor modules, not very much to see:


It seems to be very slightly out of cal limits, but otherwise functional (as far as I can test it without an x-ray machine). Worst case scenario, there's quite a few nice parts inside, and the case is metal and could be repurposed.

Manual: https://www.flukebiomedical.com/sites/d ... ng0000.pdf
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